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Welcome to Bergen Knitting Festival 2017

September 29th – October 2th in Bergen, Norway.

The festival takes place at The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum, an old textile mill in Salhus, about 18 minutes from Bergen by car. The museum preserve the former textile mill Salhus Tricotagefabrik (1859–1989), a national industrial heritage site selected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Read more.


PS! Read this before you buy tickets

New this year is that when you buy a ticket to a workshop, you automatically get entry to the festival ON THAT SAME DAY (incl. market, lectures/talks, cafe, and other festival events). Therefore you do not need to buy a daypass for the day you are attending that workshop.

PS: since there is no workshops on Friday, make sure you buy a daypass for this day (or the weekend pass if you are not attending any workshops all weekend)

It will be possible to buy an entrance ticket (not workshops or day passes) at the door. This will only give you entrance to the cafe and the market place (no lectures or events). This ticket is valid for 3 hours from time of purchase, and it will be available for a lower price than the daypass. If the venue is full, there might be some waiting time befor entering. But we highly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance if you know that you want to attend the festival, as this limited ticket does not give you access to the events.

Unfortunately we are not able to refund any tickes you buy/purchased wronly through Tikko (ticketsystem linked for purchasing) In the event of any cancelations of a workshop, fees will of course be refunded.


HELGEPASS – WEEKEND PASS (all events incl.) : 650,- NOK

FREDAG KVELD PASS – FRIDAY EVENING PASS (ps: market is not open) : 250,- NOK



WORKSHOPS: see individual course/workshops. Price will include daypass for THAT day.

Ticket fees will be added at purchase

Program may be subject to change.


Brooklyn Tweed cancelled their trip to Scandinavia

We are so sorry to inform you all about this sad news. Brooklyn Tweed unfortunately had to cancel due to a large move that they could not change the date for. We highly appologize that we therefore have to cancel the planned lecture and workshop with Jared Flood. We have tried our best to uphold the plan, but it did not work out. They have promiced to come at a later date, and we hope to announce a future event with them.



NB! The festival lectures will be given in Norwegian, unless otherwise specified.


  • 18:00: Doors opens
  • 19:00: Official opening of the festival by Oddny Miljeteig
  • 20:00: Knitting quiz with Marthe &MartheNorwegian knitting audiopodcasters
  • 21:00: Concert with Frida Ånnevik


  • 11:00: Doors opens – cafe and knitting lounge
  • 12:00: Market place opens
  • 12:30-13:15: Knitting magazine Garn with Unni Eiken and Solveig Gaustad (@bladetgarn) The knitting magazine Garn will publish their third issue in the fall of 2017. The magazine will therefore be hot of the press for the festival – and what would be better than toget a view of some of the newest creations? Unn and Solveig will talk about the magazine and show some of the pices from the new issue.
  • 13:30-14:30: Vintage knitting with Lene Holme Samsøe (@leneholmesamsoe). Lene is a Danish knitting designer, who has worked fulltime as a designer since 1997. She has published several knitting books, and has specialized in knitted items for women, children and babies.Her books has been published in several countries, and she now also publishes through her own publishing company, most recently her new book «Kjærlighet på pinner».
  • 15:30-16:15: Garnsurr – a refugee integration project through a small yarn dying company in Numedal – by Ann Helen Skau (@garnsurr)At Garnsurr, adult refugee women has taken over the dying pots. They have taken the expression/concept of a colorfull comunity, and reslized it through fantastic colorfull handdyed yarn. They allso knit, learn Norwegian and all aspects of running a yarn dying bussines.Garnsurr belives in creative crafts – that colorful stitches can tie/unite women for near and far away. Through Garnsurr, refugee women will grow – both creatively, through language and work.
  • 17:00-18:00: Why you should knit with color – with Dagny Thruman-Moe (@farge-dagny). Lecture/with Dagny from Dagnys Fargestudio. Learn more about how color affects us, color trendsm and what color sutes you. Dagny takes about color in the wide perspective, and ties it together with how color is used within fashion and knitting, interior design and arcitecture.
  • 19:00: Market place closes
  • 19:00: Marthe & Marthe knitting talkshow (@marthe_knits and @marvold)


  • 11:00: Doors open with cafe and knitting lounge
  • 11:00: Market place opens
  • 13:00: The great kofte hunt with Liv Sandvik Jacobsen (@livslyst) Trends come and go, and they «hit us» from time to time There is no doupt that our Norwegian KOFTE and their old patterns has gotten their renecance, but how did it start? By coincidence, the Great kofte hunt (Den store koftejakten)became a reality. Liv will talk about the surge for these tradidional cardigans ans how the two books, «Kofteboken» and «Kofteboken 2», came about.
  • 15:00 – 15.45: Sheep, wool, nature and landscape: Lofoten Wool by Ragnhild Lie. Sheep, wool, nature and landscape. The making of local yarn with different fibres, plantdye and some knitting patterns. Naturally happy sheep makelofoten2s super quality wool!

    Ragnhild Lie is textile artist educated from Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen. She has many years of experience working with wool in the loom, with different needles and in more industrial processes. She does fine art projects and has run courses for children and grown ups. Before starting Lofoten Wool in 2014 she worked as a assistant professor in University of Nordland. Lie was recently handed this years founder prize from Det Kongelige Selskap for Norges Vel. Her environmental perspective often defines her choices. The lecture will be given in English.

  • 17:00: Festival ends. 



WORKSHOPS (NB! Workshops will be given in Norwegian)


Saturdag 30th of September

SOLD OUT! Lag egne oppskrifter – med Ann Myhre/Pinneguri

Make your own knitting patterns – with Ann Myhre/Pinneguri/Needlelady (@pinneguri)

Time: 10:30-14:30

12 pariticipants

This is a basic course for the you that has never tried to write a knitting pattern before, or maybe have tried and it all came to a hault because you didn´t know how to solve a problem.

You will bring two guage swatches in two different yarns (pattern will be sent out to participants), and with the info you gather from one of the swatches you will develope an idea for a garment in one size and one color. You need to bring a calculator, penn, a notebook and your basic math skills.

Pris price/cost: 400,- NOK (pluss ticket fees)

SOLD OUT! Plantefarging – med Anja og Iren fra Ullsalong

Plant dying with Anja and Iren from Ullsalong (@ullsalong)

Time:14:30-17:00 10 participants

Learn to dye with plants! On the side of the road there´s treasures that just waits to be descovered. We will cover how to prepare the yarn, how to dye environmentally friendly, and what to consider when collecting plants in nature. The plants we will use in the class is easy to find where you live. You will bring home a beatifull selection of yarn, and recieve a compendioum with lots of useful information. Yarn is includedin the workshop fee.

Pris price/cost: 600,- +t.f.

SOLD OUT! Sokkestrikk – med Anja og Iren fra Ullsalong

Sock knitting with Anja and Iren from Ullsalong

Time:14:30-17:00 12 participants

Do you suffer from second sock syndrome?Does sock nr 2 never get finished? Do not despair! Ullsalong will teach you how to knit toe-up two-at-a-time socks. We will practice Magic loop and look at different techniques for heels and toes. Bring sock yarn and a circular needle 100 cm long.

Price: 400,- NOK +t.f.

Fletter i fleng – med Tina Hauglund/Strikkeszilla

Cables galore – with Tina Hauglund/Strikkezilla (@strikkezilla)

Time: 14:00-17:00 8 participants

Cables is a verry nice way to add the little extra! It´s neigther scary or difficult to learn – you just need to know the knit and purl stitch. Use them on sweaters, blankets, washcoths, pants, heandbands and mittens.Only your own creativity will set the limit once you get started. I will show you cable knitting with- and without a cable needle, and how to read a cable chart. Materials you need to bring : Yarn and needles you enjoy to knit with.

Price: 500,- NOK +t.f.

Strikk Dagny-kjolen – med Pickles og Dagny Thurman-Moe

Knit the Dagny dress by Pickles/Dagny Thurman-Moe

Time: 13:00-16:00 20 participants

Knit the popular #picklesdagny dress! The pattern for this years knitting frensy (in Norway)is develpoed by Pickles together with Dagny

Thurman-Moe from Dagny Fargestudio. Pickels is the design duo Heidi Grønvold and Anna Enge, who also runs the Pickles yarn store (and online store – in Oslo. The dress is designed as a classic sweater dress, in an elegant and narrow timless shape, that is equally pretty with or without a belt on. The dress comes in three lengths, and can easily be modified/adjusted to your preferances/style. Dagny will give personal color advice to everyone attending. The dress will not be finished in these three hours,but you will have a good start on it and know all you need to know to finish it at home. In addion to teaching the techniques for knitting this dress and color advice, both Pickles and Dagny will share their knowledge about color combinations, styling, and knitting techniques.

Bring a short 40 cm circular needle in both 4.5mm and 5.5 mm. Yarn is not included in workshop price of 500,-NOK, it will have to be purchased separately. You will get recomandations and be able to choose between 2-3 colors that will make your eyes «pop» and ehance your beauty. Payment via VIPPS (payment app, Norwegian)or card. Class fits all levels of knitting skills/knitters.

Price: 500,-NOK +t.f. PS: Yarn not included in workshop price


Sunday October 1st

SOLD OUT! Påbygg – lag dine egne oppskrifter – med Ann Myhre/Pinneguri

level 2 -make your own knitting patterns – with Ann Myhre/Pinnneguri/Needlelady

Time: 10:30-14:30 12 participants

This is a class for the knitter who has made patterns before, you are familiar with guage and how yarn behaves. You are wondering bout how to work more efficiently, what practical tools is out there that can help you; wanting to learn more about size grading and figure shaping.You need to bring a lap top computer/iPad with Excel installed. You do not need extencive knowledge about Excel, but it´s practical if you are somewhat familiar with the program.

Price: 400,- +t.f.

Strikk bladmønster – med Lene Holme Samsøe

Knit leaf motives – with Lene Holme Samsøe

Time: 10:30-12:30 25 participants

Leaf motives are easy to knit and gives the garment a verry organic look. At the woorkshop, Lene will talk about how to knit leaf patterns, and how to use this design element to e.g. the yolke of a sweater or a hat. After that, we are all going to knit the Bella hat from Lene´s new book «Kjærlighet på pinner». She´s also bringing some of the models from her most recent books. You´re more that weolcome to look and try them on. Whilst we knit our hats, Lene will talk about the designing of the models.

Sandnes Garn is sponsoring the yarn for this workshop. You need to bring dpn´s in 3.5mm and 4 mm (maybe long circular if you are Magic looping?)

Price: 400,-NOK +t.f.

SOLD OUT! Patentstrikk – med Laila Yvonne Henriksen/Værbitt-Laila

Brioche knitting – with Laila Yvonne Henriksen/ Værbitt-laila (@varbitt)

Time: 10:30-13:30 12 participants

PATENTSTRIKK, or brioche, as it´s allso called, is a technique that gives you squishy, lovely, light garments – it´s fun to knit, and the result looks complicated and stylish. But it´s realy verry easy/simple, if you just get started. You can learn it in this three hour workshop with Værbitt-Laila. We will knit a sample/swatch in one-color, two-color and patterned brioche, and after this class you will be able to knit several of the popular patterns from e.g. Steven West!

Bring one type of yarn in two contrasting colors, preferably a lighter and a darker one, and circular needle that fits your yarn choice. In addition to this, bring two progress keepers (lobster claw stitchmarkers). Laila will hand out a corse manual, that also includes a pattern for fingerless mitts, a perfect beginner project. Give her a message beforhand if you would like to purchase a yarn kit and/or needles, and Laila can arrange for that.

Price: 400,- NOK + t.f.

SOLD OUT! Strikk en kul kompis – med Catharina Illstad/Knipsarina

Knit a cool buddy/friend – with Catharina Illstad/Knipsarina (@knipsarina)

Time: 13:30-16:00 10 participants

Join us in knitting a cool friend! You will knit your own stuffy from a selection of designs from Knipsarina´s shop hipknitshop.

You will learn tips and tricks on how to knit small parts and small items, as well as Magic loop. We will also cover: increases, sewing parts together, knitting feets/legs on a body on a long circular needle, and filling and shaping the stuffy. Catharina will also talk about how these stuffies are created – visualizing and creating a product from ones imagination. She will help you to get started on your own creatin/pattern into something you would like to knit for the kids or your home, if you would like to.

Bring circular needle or dpn´s, in size 2.5mm or 3mm, in addition to two balls of yarn in thin alpakka/Minialpakka/ Drops alpakka, or equal weight yarn.

Price: 400,- NOK +t.f.




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